Priest seen as 'Catholic Martin Luther King' who gave 'all to his faith'

PORTLAND, Ore. (CNS) — The crowd in Holy Rosary Parish's Aquinas Hall, more than 250 strong, hushed as the lights dimmed for "Tolton: From Slave to Priest."

New museum tells the story of the Bible — chapter and verse

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Hey, Smithsonian, there's a new kid on the block. It's the Museum of the Bible, just a few blocks from the National Mall in Washington. With its opening to the public Nov. 18, it will tell visitors how the Bible — both Old Testament and New Testament — has intersected society and at times even transformed it.

Discerning the priesthood

"You know you'll never get married or have kids?" More often than not, that was the response I got when telling someone I was studying to be a Catholic priest. It was usually followed with, "You're gonna be very lonely and miserable."

Vocation Awareness Week with Fr. Stephen Hauck

Thoughts from Fr. Hauck on priesthood: Parishioners can definitely encourage vocations by first praying for them and second by living their faith well. It is very affirming to witness not simply the need people have for their faith and thus the priest, but also to witness the profound effect that faith has on the life of the faithful.

Vocation Awareness Week with Fr. Fernando Preciado

Thoughts from Fr. Preciado on priesthood: The most important qualities of being a priest are mainly being kind to others and having prayer and contemplation. To enjoy and love my daily life so that in turn in my daily work I can give my life to others by attending to their needs.