A cloud of witnesses cheers us on toward heaven

By virtue of spending more than 30 years in Youth and Young Adult Ministry in the Church I have garnered a nice following on social media. While there are times that my newsfeed is awash with vitriolic opinions that run the gamut of every political preference, social convention, spiritual philosophy and discipline — along with a wide variety of personal drama and trauma — there are also times when my social media feed blesses me beyond words.

Share Your Gifts With Jesus by Letting Him be Your Guiding Light

With the birth of Jesus we celebrate so much. There is probably no other particular tradition more associated with Christmas than the giving and receiving of gifts.

Giving thanks to God during our perpetual Advent

Every year it is the same. January is welcomed with a lot of optimism for the year ahead. I think about all the plans and events that await me and I wonder about what will come during the year.