Create in me a clean heart

“Create in me a clean heart, O God.” We hear you calling us to deeper conversion and renewal of life.

In exile we sit and we weep

Time and again God has reached out to His people through His prophets, but they took no heed. Because of their hardness of heart and turning away from God, He allowed Babylon to conquer Jerusalem and to take away a disgraced and beaten Israelite people. 

Giving up Facebook for Lent?

Facebook was founded in 2004, but this is the first year that I've noticed so many people giving it up for Lent.

All for love of Christ

As one who helps prepare people to encounter Jesus Christ in the sacraments and especially at Easter, I find this feast especially humbling. Today’s young saints, Perpetua and Felicity, stood firm in their faith, knowing it would surely mean their death. 

Called to right worship

Every year Jesus would make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to participate in the Passover Feast.  Jerusalem in many ways was a city built around the Temple of God, where God’s presence rested, where Israel and the world worshipped the one true God. This is where God revealed Himself, taught His people, and received their worship.