Use your words

Two groups ask me often what they can do to help their children grow in faith: parents of toddlers and parents of young adults. Surprised? While their ages and stages of life may differ, the two groups are closer than you might think.

Preparing for a feast of memories and love

As the October anniversary of my mother’s death passes, and the Feast of All Souls approaches, it is inevitable that I would recall the many wakes and funerals of my loved ones.

Living in hope

St. Jude is known by many as a saint we call upon when things seem hopeless or impossible. He was a popular intercessor from early in the Church’s history through the Middle Ages, but this devotion waned to near obscurity afterward. That was until, in America, we faced the Great Depression followed by the Second World War.

Help for the hour of your death

It’s a blessing, but one you’re glad only to have once. I’ve been with my father, mother, and sister (my only sibling) when they died. The first time I was alone, but had time to say a quick goodbye, kneeling by my dad’s hospice bed. The second time I was with my sister and we each held one of our mom’s hands.

Why remain Catholic after all that’s happened?

With all the recent Church scandals, why even bother staying in the Church?