The time I said 'no' to Jesus

This column does not have a happy ending nor does it have some victorious “look-at-what-I-did-and-how-God-used-me” ending. In fact, I don’t want to write this story because frankly, it’s embarrassing and I feel ashamed at my resistance to be used by the Holy Spirit. 

Death is just a doorway to Jesus

I have a weekly Adoration hour at my church and there are usually two people in the chapel at all times. I learned the woman with whom I share a time slot is the sister of Father Tom Uzhunnalil, the Indian priest who was kidnapped by ISIS in March 2016 in Yemen after a raid and killing of 16 people, including four Missionary of Charity sisters

My gift to a king

In our family, we leave the Christmas tree and decorations up until Epiphany, the feast day celebrating the visitation of the Wise Men to the Christ Child. The irony isn't wasted on me, that on the day Christ received gifts from the Magi, I decide to close up shop and end Christmas.

Thank you for your service

Together with another Little Sister I was invited to represent our congregation at a somewhat exclusive reception this Christmas season. We were happy to bring two of our residents along with us.

Still waiting

Dear Lord, May I be found as faithful as Mary. She who at the point of this reading has waited for you her whole life and again after this scene she is asked to await the fulfillment of your promise.