On a Lenten journey, love takes us though the pain

Looking back over Lents past, I have to admit my most meaningful Lenten experience happened when I spent the week before Easter in the hospital with my youngest son. It was certainly unexpected, but life doesn’t ask you if you’re prepared before it throws the unexpected your way.

Lent: 40 days of prayer, fasting, almsgiving to 'jump-start' one's faith

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Lent, the 40-day period before Easter, is often viewed as a time to give up something and go without meat on Fridays.

Immigrants, refugees, migrants … and your family

My personal "immigrant" experience is very mild. I was almost 12 when the family moved from the Midwest to the Northwest.

Seeing Clearly

For a number of years I have been seeing double. I discovered I was seeing double when our parish bell choir played for Mass. I could see all my handbells, my gloves, the pages of my music, and the director.

Seeking Jesus above everything

I’m a youth director at a Catholic parish in Texas, and one would think the summer is a great vacation time – there’s no school, and it’s a great time to regroup, think of amazing ideas for the upcoming school year, etc. That is not the case. At all.