That God may be glorified

There are many tales and legends of this “apostle to the Irish” but perhaps the most significant one is how the relationship between Patrick and this once-heathen people began.

Congress and infanticide

Catholic philosopher Peter Kreeft once found himself arguing with an abortion supporter, and said to her: “Give me one argument that defends abortion that doesn’t also defend infanticide.”

Ash Wednesday ... SOMETHING

When I was in college there was a group of students who didn't always practice their faith, but when Ash Wednesday rolled around all decided to band together in giving up a few particular sins common among college students.

The Game of Lent

A Protestant pastor among my Facebook friends once declared that he didn’t want to hear what anyone else was giving up for Lent. He asked if people had forgotten Matthew 6. That’s the chapter in which Jesus tells people to act as if they weren’t fasting when they were. The pastor clearly felt vexed, and was a little rude about it.

Gratitude as a Lenten practice

Lent beckons, and that's a good time to dust off my gratitude journal.