A priest without parishioners is a sad priest

I will let you all in on a secret. It’s a secret that we priests are a bit ashamed to admit, but it’s true. Sometimes we complain about you.

Jesus has won

man on the beach

I honestly feel like I’m in a movie right now.

Disruption comes to ordinary times

wood plaque saying "bless"

These past days have been unlike any I have known before as every email I read and headline I see announces a new covid-19 related disruption of everyday routines, events, and conveniences.    

Let us Lectio: Saint Among the Dying

From an early age, Frances nurtured an ardent desire to fully and freely serve God in a convent. However, she would wait many years and suffer much adversity before she would see this dream fulfilled.

The here and now of it

Kids walking

I’ve been a full-time youth minister working with middle school and high students for the past six years, and it’s always amazing to hear their hearts, their dreams, and their visions for their lives.