Lectio Divina: Whom my Heart Loves

Today we celebrate one of the Lord’s closest followers, St. Mary Magdalene. And I have to be honest, this year was the first time I heard Mary Magdalene’s heart breaking.

Focused on the cross

My sister JoAnn and I live 625 miles apart, in Albuquerque and in Fort Worth, but we share conversation, fondness for music, and significant memories. 

Lord, I want to see

I. Love. Movies. I love going to the movies, the environment, the popcorn smell, the plush seats that have the ability to recline (like, seriously? When did this become a thing? Because I’m loving it.)

Two experiences of fatherhood

Fatherhood is a divine gift that too often goes unrecognized and unremarked upon. It is a vocation of love and a complete giving of self. As with any vocation, fatherhood is fundamentally not about the father himself, but about how he relates to others: as protector, defender, and sanctifier of his family.

Finding God on the Street

The streets of any city are a scary place when you don’t have a home or place of refuge to retreat to for safety. Father Claude Paradis found that out the hard way. Long before he became a priest, he was homeless and living in Montreal, Canada.