Your Creation Loves You

On Good Friday this year, the church was completely packed, and I somehow found myself sitting in the very front of the pews. I’m one of those Catholics that has “my row” that I tend to sit in every single week, so to change that up with a new perspective was a little different for me.

Let us Lectio: "My Lord and My God"

In these Easter proclamations, Mary, the disciples, and Thomas all have a personal encounter with the risen Jesus Christ, which causes faith in Him as the risen Lord.

Through the desert of melancholy and hope: a Lenten reflection

There He goes, carrying His cross, on His way to Calvary. We watch as He goes by, but nobody really wants to look. It makes us uncomfortable.

Pilate Was One of the Bad Guys

The Romans were in it up to their eyeballs. We tend to forget that. Two groups had Jesus executed: the Jewish religious leaders and the Roman political rulers.

Let us Lectio: While it Was Still Dark

This reading is the first proclamation of the Gospel after the Easter Vigil, and on this Easter morning we recall the first witnesses to the empty tomb and the resurrection.