Let us lectio: The Baptism of the Lord

"The Baptism of Christ," from the Sistine Chapel. Pietro Perugino, 1482.

The title “Christ” means Anointed One. Anointings signify being set apart by God for a specific purpose. So, how is Jesus set apart? 

Following the light

This is an image of Italian artist Andrea Mantegna's 15th-century painting "Adoration of the Magi."

Night was falling at the end of a gray day. A few dozen silent, shabby figures were sitting at round tables waiting. 

The Night of Las Posadas

I slammed the door on Joseph and Mary the other night. That was after I threatened to slap them. It wasn’t a renunciation of faith, but an expression of it, however. I was participating in my first Las Posadas celebration and playing the part of an innkeeper.

His perfect time

clock with bible

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I pray, nothing seems to happen. I don’t hear any big, booming voices. I either think I must pray harder or use different words. Does God even hear me? Is this whole Christian life a sham?!  

You're an original sinner, and that's good news

An image of Mary is seen at the base of a Marian statue

It sounds cranky, gloomy, even angry. Christianity teaches that we human beings can’t help making a huge mess of things.