God lifts up the lowly: the Assumption of Mary into Heaven

Mary is the expert of Lectio Divina as she not only “pondered these things in her heart” (Luke 2:19), but she even conceived the eternal Word of God in her womb.

Change is the opportunity that gives us our wings

When my second son began preschool, an experience relished by his five brothers, his reaction was less than enthusiastic. As we approached the brightly painted door that led to his classroom, I felt myself being pulled backward by the pressure of his tiny hand tugging on mine.

Lectio Divina: Whom my Heart Loves

Today we celebrate one of the Lord’s closest followers, St. Mary Magdalene. And I have to be honest, this year was the first time I heard Mary Magdalene’s heart breaking.

Focused on the cross

My sister JoAnn and I live 625 miles apart, in Albuquerque and in Fort Worth, but we share conversation, fondness for music, and significant memories. 

Lord, I want to see

I. Love. Movies. I love going to the movies, the environment, the popcorn smell, the plush seats that have the ability to recline (like, seriously? When did this become a thing? Because I’m loving it.)