Take hold of my heart

One of my favorite things to read during my personal prayer time is Magnificat. It’s a subscription where every month I receive a little booklet with the daily readings, reflections on those readings from different holy people, prayers, and different Saints of the Day.

The goodness of others shines a light in the darkness

For a time, I have become the primary caregiver of my three young grandsons while their parents attend to their newborn who needs specialized care in an out-of-state hospital.

Leaving the holding pattern

Being a full-time youth minister during the summer can be exhausting. There are conferences and mission trips to coordinate, coffee dates to schedule, the upcoming year to plan, etc. I’ve noticed in past summers that my prayer life can go out the window. Zip. Gone.

Something in common

Our fellow Pittsburgher Ronald Donatelli wants to tell our Evangelical friends that we’re much worse than they think. He shared a “gotcha” post on Facebook.

Let us Lectio: Imitation of the Child Jesus

Saint Therese of Lisieux adoring Jesus Christ Crucified; stthereseministry.com

Who is the greatest? The question put before Jesus comes shortly after His repeated singling out of Peter (Matthew 16:16; 16:18-19) and just after Jesus chose Peter, James, and John to witness His transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-8).