The miracle of Pentecost

Holy Spirit window at Vietnamese Martyrs Parish in Arlington

Pentecost is a miraculous time in the life of the Church. At the first Pentecost, the disciples gathered in Jerusalem during a harvest festival for the Jewish people.

The world we leave our children

"What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to children who are now growing up?" This question, posed by Pope Francis in "Laudato Si'," has been rattling around my brain. 

Hope and joy in are found in the caress of God

Easter eggs

“I found one!” The voice from the family room was that of my 30-something son, delighted in his find of an egg, undiscovered during the annual egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

Let us Lectio: Hear and Rejoice!

Today we hear that in response to the Gospel the “Gentiles were delighted when they heard and glorified the word of the Lord.” This occurred while the Jews and others responded with persecution and even violence.

God's Gentle Grace

Friends, we did it! We survived Lent 2019! Woo! How do you feel? Like you ran a marathon? Like you barely limped through a marathon? Or like you felt you were about to start a marathon, got really scared at the prospect of it, and just decided to quit while you’re ahead?