The Game of Lent

A Protestant pastor among my Facebook friends once declared that he didn’t want to hear what anyone else was giving up for Lent. He asked if people had forgotten Matthew 6. That’s the chapter in which Jesus tells people to act as if they weren’t fasting when they were. The pastor clearly felt vexed, and was a little rude about it.

Gratitude as a Lenten practice

Lent beckons, and that's a good time to dust off my gratitude journal.

Does God really want a diversity of religions?

“Wait, what?” some people were asking. During his visit to the UAE, Pope Francis signed a statement titled “A Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together.” The other signer was one of the world’s most important Muslim leaders.

Called to love

​Do you have a list? Maybe it’s a list in your head. Maybe it’s a physical list. Perhaps it’s even a mental checklist that you go through when meeting someone new.

"Do Whatever He Tells You"

At the wedding of Cana, Mary brings the needs of the couple to her son. She does indeed intercede in this moment but not for mere material needs of an isolated couple celebrating a wedding.