Living liturgically during the Christmas season

One of the reasons I love the liturgical calendar is because it’s a constant source of inspiration and collective prayer with the Church before God. It’s a dynamic opportunity to engage with the living Word of God. 

Christmas Feasts 2: Holy Innocence

In the scene before the Gospel reading, the magi had approached Herod asking where was “the newborn king of the Jews?” (Matthew 2:2)

Christmas Feasts 3: The Obedience of Christ

In today’s Gospel we see the Holy Family living out their lives of holiness through obedience. They do this through obedience to God and through obedience to those to whom they have been entrusted.

Christmas Feasts 4: In the Arms of Mary

The shepherds heard the good news at the lips of angels about the arrival of the King of Kings. They ran in haste to find the infant. And upon finding the child Jesus, they knelt at the feet of Mary, adoring their King, for everything that the angels told them was true. 

Chesterton on Gratitude

Our hostess for the weekend told our children to stop saying “Thank you.” She sounded annoyed. “You can say it when you leave,” she said, “but not while you’re here.” My wife had known her nearly all her life, so I couldn’t say anything.