Lectio Divina: Bring Him all the praise you know

Callie Nowlin, MTS, a convert turned Latin teacher, catechist, and blogger helps us meditate on the Gospel reading from the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ.

I didn't sign up for this. Or did I?

Stripping soaked sheets off a child's bed for the third night in a row. Scrubbing vomit out of a carseat. Listening to a bedroom door slam with an angry "I hate you!"

What the rabbi teaches us about good habits

The Romans killed him too, about 100 years after they killed Jesus, and for about the same reason. He refused to deny his faith. He was 80 years old, but the Romans didn’t care.

The coming of the Holy Spirit

During the Easter season as the chanting of “Alleluia” at the end of Mass becomes subdued, we feel a longing for the Holy Spirit.  Its coming on Pentecost not only closes the season but, more importantly, fulfills the purpose of the long Lenten-Easter period. The Spirit is introduced with flourish as the priest and ministers and congregants wear red for Mass.

For moms, a box of memories can be the most beautiful of gifts

When my family arranged a celebration for my 60th birthday, one of my gifts was to be a book of memories, comprising all the family and friends who attended the party.