The silent rose

St. Rose was born Isabel de Oliva, to a wealthy Peruvian family in 1586. She was said to be an extremely beautiful child and earned the nickname “Rose” for her beauty and delicate nature. 

Keep holy the commute and the car pool

​Our minivan is one big silver stereotype. Granola bar wrappers on the floor. Cheerios stuck between seats. Baseball gear rolling around the back.

We’re all bad Catholics

The pub was quiet just after lunch time. I was sitting with two older men I’d met in a bookstore, both devout Catholics, looking forward to getting to know them better. As the waitress left with our orders, one remarked that he wished young women wouldn’t wear such tight clothes. 

One, holy, catholic

This summer marks the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae. The world has changed dramatically since Pope Paul VI wrote the encyclical, mostly in ways he foretold. 

Created to be holy

I’m terrified of becoming holy. I’m terrified of actually allowing God to mold me into the saint He’s created me to be. I’m terrified of what all that entails, mainly because I can’t control it.