From Paranoia to Metanoia - with Jesus

Sometimes we’re a mystery to ourselves, or, perhaps more accurately, sometimes we don’t realize how much paranoia we carry within ourselves. A lot of things tend to ruin our day.

We need the stability of the Lord

“What is that sound?” I asked, even as I realized that it was the buzz of books and knickknacks, plates and bowls, tables and, well, everything, rattling as the earth shifted. 

Jesus is just around the corner

My wife thinks it’s supposed to look like a ship. I suspect the church is meant to look like a clam. It has a half moon clam shape and a tilted ceiling that opens up like a clam. We’re visiting a sick friend who lives near the New England coast and clams are one of the local trademarks, like Steelers gear in Pittsburgh. I hope I’m wrong, but you never know with church architects.

More than just a number

For the longest time I always felt just another face in the crowd – unknown, unseen, easily replaced. I was pretty quiet in large groups and rarely voiced my opinions. It wasn’t for lack of having them; it was simply because I thought that people wouldn’t care.

The Rosary puts us in communion with Jesus through the heart of Mary

During my years as a hospice volunteer, I had some very moving and meaningful experiences. One, in particular, stands out. I was visiting Theresa, a patient in a nursing home where visitations by family members or friends are few and far between.