The Lord's Prayer - a circle of praise and petition

What was the first prayer you learned? For many of us, it was the Lord's Prayer.

Humility and the wise man

Jesus teaches that the greatest among us will be the least. This paradoxical statement becomes more clear when we consider St. Thomas Aquinas as a saint and a Doctor of the Church.

A walk in the garden

A couple of weeks ago I was on a personal retreat, and during a particular prayer session, the speaker wanted me and my fellow retreatants to imagine ourselves in a garden walking with Jesus.

Humanity is the true gift of Christmas

Recently I read a sentiment about Christmas that I have heard often over the years, from family, friends and even strangers as they go about their Christmas shopping.

A new look at Christmas

I’ve struggled with Christmas this year; it’s come too suddenly, with Advent being railroaded by a thousand and one other things that have been shouting louder than the carols.