Re-Boot your spiritual life in Lent

There are times when I wish setting things right in my life was as easy as restarting my computer. When my personal computer is running a bit slow, or won’t connect to the Internet, or just isn’t working the way it is supposed to work — and especially when it completely locks up — all we have to do is do a “re-boot” and most of the time everything gets reset and things are back to normal. If only resetting the spiritual life was as easy.

Preserving our kids’ innocence It won’t last forever, but it’s worthy of our protection

Her name was Catherine Fabiola Proudfoot, and I will never forget her.

Prepare ye the way of the Lord – however he appears to you

It was a gentle knock, the tap-tap-tap of a squirrel crossing our roof, or the twinkly sound of a Christmas elf announcing the arrival of Santa.

The 'hidden picture' Looking for Jesus? Take a closer look

In the early 1990s, my sister lived in New Zealand and worked for a traveling science roadshow. We talked on the phone rarely. It was too expensive, and the voice delay on oversea phone calls was really frustrating.

The greatest gift - hope: May our kids and grandkids receive it

Aunt Lena’s house was perfect, in a pop-culturish sort of way. She had a tri-level before most bi-levels had developed envy of the neighbors’ extra stairways.