What Easter Means

In first century Judaism, there were many views concerning what happened to people after they died. Following a very venerable tradition, some said that death was the end, that the dead simply returned to the dust of the earth from which they came.

Lent is over. Now what?

Chocolate bunnies and marshmallow Peeps have graced the shelves of U.S. stores for weeks in anticipation of Easter, but now that the actual Easter Season has begun, how should Catholics observe it?

To give is to live

Abby, about 17-years-old, once threw her shoe at the lead singer in a rock concert. It wasn’t a cultural insult, she didn’t go to jail; “and I didn’t throw it at him,” she reminds me repeatedly. “I threw it to him.

Caring for the sick requires leaning on God

​Today God spoke to me in the supermarket.

You know what I mean: the whisperings, the nudge, the tap on the shoulder, the almost imperceptible sigh before snapping us into awareness. It happens for me when I begin to get overwhelmed with a crisis. Today was one of those days of feeling exhausted, frustrated, and on the brink of tears.

Welcoming the stranger

In the Old Testament, we find a strong religious challenge to always welcome the stranger, the foreigner. This was emphasized for two reasons: First, because the Jewish people themselves had once been foreigners and immigrants. Second, they believed that God’s revelation, most often, comes to us through the stranger, in what is foreign to us.