The Eucharist Makes Us the Church

Msgr. Publius Xuereb distributes Communion during a Mass celebrating his 50th anniversary as a priest at Holy Redeemer Parish in Aledo, May 6, 2018.

On this the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth, I was pleased to hear that the theme is “The Eucharist Makes Us the Church.”

How Jesus Can Change Your Mind

A man with the Blessed Sacrament

It’s one of the Bible’s “Wait, what?” instructions. St. Paul tells us to pray without stopping. Which is, you know, impossible.

Father Augustus Tolton: A sign for today

prayer card for Father Augustus Tolton

I recently participated in a conference that explored the church's sexual abuse crisis and the effect the crisis has had on the church's witness in the public square. 

Let us lectio: Poured out

To speak of one as being “poured out like a libation” is to express not merely feeling tired, like when one says they feel like they have been “poured out like wax.”

The story of my uncle

man in rain

My uncle Mario was an exceedingly talented musician and a warrior. He was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer about five years ago.