St. Francis de Sales’ Rules for Twitter

Doctors don’t seem to do this anymore, but when St. Francis de Sales was alive, they would judge a man’s health by the state of his tongue. So, he says, “our words are a true test of the state of our soul. Just as we put our hand quickly on the place that hurts, so too the tongue is quick to point out what we love.”

Let us lectio: The Baptism of the Lord

"The Baptism of Christ," from the Sistine Chapel. Pietro Perugino, 1482.

The title “Christ” means Anointed One. Anointings signify being set apart by God for a specific purpose. So, how is Jesus set apart? 

Following the light

This is an image of Italian artist Andrea Mantegna's 15th-century painting "Adoration of the Magi."

Night was falling at the end of a gray day. A few dozen silent, shabby figures were sitting at round tables waiting. 

The Night of Las Posadas

I slammed the door on Joseph and Mary the other night. That was after I threatened to slap them. It wasn’t a renunciation of faith, but an expression of it, however. I was participating in my first Las Posadas celebration and playing the part of an innkeeper.

His perfect time

clock with bible

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I pray, nothing seems to happen. I don’t hear any big, booming voices. I either think I must pray harder or use different words. Does God even hear me? Is this whole Christian life a sham?!