Many Hispanic voices blend into one at diocesan V Encuentro Celebration

ARLINGTON — Lucia Cruz was nervous when she stepped up to the microphone to address Bishop Michael Olson. The thought of being the voice for Hispanics in the diocese was challenging, so she prayed that the Holy Spirit would help her speak clearly.

Energize and engage: A look at the V Encuentro process in the Fort Worth Diocese

FORT WORTH — The people who gathered inside the Immaculate Heart of Mary parish hall in Fort Worth this summer represent the rich diversity found in the diocese’s Hispanic community. Energetic high school teens, young professionals, active senior citizens, and hard-working immigrants came together for a meeting of V Encuentro — what the bishops are saying is the largest evangelization effort in U.S. history.

Why are you on the sidewalk? — 40 Days for Life with Dominican Sisters of Mary Immaculate Province

FORT WORTH — “We know life is created by God. Life begins at conception, and it’s miraculous how life is formed. It’s important that we value the life God gave to us and take time out to let other people know that life is precious,” said Sister Catherine Tran, OP.