A “forever yes” from Sister Lola Ulupano

FORT WORTH — They’re usually called perpetual or final vows. But, after 11 years of religious formation that included time spent in Brazil tutoring children, earning a college degree, and becoming a U.S. citizen, Sister Lola Ulupano referred to her lifetime commitment to the Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur (SSMN) as a “forever yes.”

The sky's the limit for STAR students

FORT WORTH — How do you help at-risk children build better futures? For thousands of families in the North Texas area, the answer is getting kids a great private school education through the STAR Sponsorship Program.

Single Catholics looking for love in all the right places through CSU

BEDFORD — “Our group is not necessarily about marrying,” Gigi Mulberry said of Catholic Singles United. “But if you meet your future spouse here, that’s wonderful.”