Encuentro process aims to create more involvement among Hispanic Catholics

WASHINGTON (CNS) — In Spanish, the word “encuentro” means encounter and in the modern Church in the U.S., it refers to a series of meetings that will take place over the next four years aimed at getting to know Latinos and producing more involvement in the Church of its second largest and fastest growing community.

Joy in Carmel: Mother Anne Teresa celebrates 50 years of religious life

More than 200 people from at least eight states attended the Golden Jubilee Mass on June 11 for Mother Anne Teresa of Jesus, OCD, but she quickly shared the tribute. “Though it was honoring me, it was honoring the community, but more so it was honoring our Lord and our Lady,” the Carmelite nun said.

Texas bishops decry state's new immigration law

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (CNA/EWTN News) — Two Texas bishops have defended from charges of fear mongering the opponents of a new law which targets sanctuary cities for immigrants, explaining that the bill draws little distinction between criminals and undocumented immigrants.