Supreme Court blocks Texas inmate's execution, cites racial bias

WASHINGTON (CNS) — The Supreme Court's Feb. 22 decision to block the execution of an African-American inmate on death row in Texas over racially biased testimony in his sentencing hearing is "another stride toward greater justice in our legal system," said a Catholic anti-death penalty leader.

Counteract vitriol by toning it down, talking less, listening more, pope says

ROME (CNS) — Addressing the fear of immigrants, dissatisfaction with a "fluid economy," and the impatience and vitriol seen in politics and society, Pope Francis told Rome university students to practice a kind of "intellectual charity" that promotes dialogue and sees value in diversity.

Refugee family now in Chicago shares experiences of fleeing persecution

CHICAGO (CNS) — The Sharifs were living contentedly in Pakistan when life turned into a nightmare in 2012. An al Qaida-related group called BLA targeted Amir Sharif, a Catholic and a well-known professor at a university in Quetta. He was told to embrace Islam or leave the country.