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On 100th anniversary, local Catholics express devotion to Our Lady of Fatima

FORT WORTH — Facing danger and hardship, thousands of Vietnamese fled their homeland after the Fall of Saigon in 1975 to escape life under Communism. Arriving in the United States, they brought with them their only and most valuable possession — faith.

Diocese program and federal regulations aim to curtail payday lending abuses

FORT WORTH — The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops and Diocese of Fort Worth officials applauded recent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau restrictions on payday lending and auto title loan lending companies, calling them an important step toward curbing abuses against borrowers.

All Saints' Father Stephen Jasso: Be close to God in the face of tragedy

FORT WORTH — Fear can paralyze us in the face of tragedy, but being close to God gives us the strength to move forward and help our brother in need. That is the reaction Father Stephen Jasso, TOR, pastor of All Saints Parish in Fort Worth, witnessed not once, but twice during the most devastating earthquakes that have affected Mexico in the last 100 years.

Fr. Ivor Koch, former pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, dies at 86

WICHITA FALLS — Many members of Sacred Heart Parish will remember Father Ivor Koch as a priest who deeply invested his God-given talents in the parish while encouraging parishioners to do the same.

The Lord hears the cry of the newborn

It's as loud as a fire alarm (except it goes off 20 times a day). It screeches like fingernails down a chalkboard. And rather than fleeing to escape it, we're supposed to run right toward it.

Why are you on the sidewalk? — 40 Days for Life with Catherine and Adan Saldana

FORT WORTH — According to Catherine Saldana, her participation in pro-life ministries “couldn’t have been more obvious.” Twelve years ago, she was praying that God would show her how He wanted her to serve Him. Leaving Mass with a fussy baby, she saw a poster for the Good Friday Rosary Vigil for Life and the light bulb went off.

Esta es la lección que el Papa Francisco enseñó a estudiantes de empresa y finanzas

VATICANO (ACI) - El Papa Francisco recibió en el Palacio Apostólico del Vaticano a un grupo de estudiantes de empresa y finanzas del Instituto des Chartreux de Lyon, Francia, y les impartió una importante enseñanza para su futuro profesional:

One Bread, One Body, October 22

October 22, Twenty-Ninth Sunday Ordinary Time    
Cycle A Readings:
1) Isaiah 45:1, 4-6
Psalm 96:1, 3-5, 7-10
2) 1 Thessalonians 1:1-5
Gospel) Matthew 22:15-21

Immigration, health care are also pro-life issues, archbishop says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pro-life issues cannot be restricted solely to bioethical concerns but must encompass a broader definition that defends life in every aspect, said Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

Find ways to keep migrant families together, Vatican official says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Overly strict immigration laws do not discourage migration, and more must be done to keep migrant families together, a Vatican representative said.

Why are you on the sidewalk? — 40 Days for Life with Bob Walters

FORT WORTH — “The only way to stop abortion is prayer. It’s our only tool. But when we gather together, it’s incredible,” said Bob Walters, the Knights of Columbus diocesan task leader for pro-life.

Parish's nightly outdoor Bible study, Rosary walk now a beloved tradition

GREENVILLE, Texas (CNS) — For more than four years, parishioners of St. William Catholic Church in Greenville and some Catholics from far beyond Texas have gathered nightly for a 9 p.m. outdoor Bible study and Rosary procession honoring Our Lady of Fatima.

The Holy Land without Christians? Franciscans bolster dwindling minority

FORT WORTH — As the Franciscans prepare to celebrate the 800th anniversary of their arrival in the Holy Land, the order’s effort to keep the Christian faith alive in the places where it was born has never been more important — or challenging.

Death penalty is 'contrary to the Gospel,' pope says

VATICAN CITY — The death penalty, no matter how it is carried out, "is, in itself, contrary to the Gospel," Pope Francis said.

One Bread, One Body, October 15

October 15, Twenty-Eighth Sunday Ordinary Time    
Cycle A Readings:
1) Isaiah 25:6-10
Psalm 23:1-6
2) Philippians 4:12-14, 19-20
Gospel) Matthew 22:1-14

Why are you on the sidewalk? — 40 Days for Life with St. George parishioners

FORT WORTH — Elvia Vazquez was disappointed that St. George Parish in Fort Worth didn’t have a pro-life committee, so she gathered some like-minded parishioners and joined the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil.

Class of 2020 deacon candidates instituted as lectors

FORT WORTH — One after another, 28 men knelt before Bishop Michael Olson and placed their hands on the Holy Scripture. “Take this book of Holy Scripture and be faithful in handing on the word of God, so that it may grow strong in the hearts of the people,” Bishop Olson told each one.

Trump administration expands exemptions on contraceptive mandate

WASHINGTON (CNS) — The Trump administration Oct. 6 issued interim rules expanding the exemption to the contraceptive mandate for religious employers, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, who object on moral grounds to covering contraceptive and abortion-inducing drugs and devices in their employee health insurance.

Pope pledges church commitment to fight child abuse online, offline

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Acknowledging how often the Catholic Church failed to protect children from sexual abuse, Pope Francis pledged "to work strenuously and with foresight for the protection of minors and their dignity," including online.

How should a Catholic respond to mass shootings?

WASHINGTON (CNA/EWTN News) — When Monsignor Robert Weiss gathered with parents in Connecticut after 11 children were killed in a nearby shooting, the room went silent and one person called for prayer.

Why are you on the sidewalk? — 40 Days for Life with Power Adams

“I feel like those who haven’t been born, they’ve lost their chance to do things in the world that could have changed the world, and I’m here to fight it,” said Power Adams, a sophomore at Young Men’s Leadership Academy in Fort Worth.

ISIS genocide survivor begs U.S. to help Yazidis – before it's too late

WASHINGTON (CNA/EWTN News) — A Yazidi survivor of the ISIS genocide urged members of Congress on Tuesday to help recover young girls and boys who were enslaved and sold by ISIS.  

Red Mass includes call for jurists to promote, protect religious liberty

FORT WORTH — Religious liberty pertains not just to what we do on Sunday but “in our whole lives,” Archdiocese of Baltimore Archbishop William Lori posited in urging attorneys, judges, and public officials to defend incursions against religious freedoms.

Youth overcome distance, experience universal Church at Northwest Deanery Youth Mass

WICHITA FALLS — Bringing teens together to experience the universality of the Catholic Church can be challenging for rural parishes one or two hours apart and as many as three hours from major events near the diocesan offices in Fort Worth.

One Bread, One Body, October 8

October 8, Twenty-Seventh Sunday Ordinary Time    
Cycle A Readings:
1) Isaiah 5:1-7
Psalm 80:9, 12-16, 19-20
2) Philippians 4:6-9
Gospel) Matthew 21:33-43