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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parishioner earns highest award

KELLER — Virginia Norred, a parishioner at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Keller, has earned the Stars and Stripes Award, the highest award in American Heritage Girls. She is only the 53rd young woman in Texas to earn the award.

In Catholic solidarity with Venezuela

Venezuela is a de facto Catholic nation. About 70 percent of the 27 million Venezuelans self-identify as such. Today, Venezuelans struggle tremendously. The Church in this country suffers. 

Police search Dallas diocesan chancery

Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Dallas. Texas. (CNA/Via Shutterstock)

Dallas, Texas (CNA) — Police are conducting a search of Church premises in the Diocese of Dallas. Officers executed a warrant on the chancery offices at 7:30 a.m. local time.

Pro-life leaders applaud passage of abortion bill in Alabama

A pro-life sign is displayed during the 2019 annual March for Life rally in Washington Jan. 18. By passing a bill to ban abortion in nearly all circumstances, the Alabama Legislature has recognized that abortion is "the extinguishing of a unique human life," said the president and CEO of Americans United for Life. (CNS photo/Tyler Orsburn)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (CNS) — By passing a bill to ban abortion in nearly all circumstances, the Alabama Legislature has recognized that abortion is "the extinguishing of a unique human life," said the president and CEO of Americans United for Life.

One Bread, One Body, May 19

May 19, Fifth Sunday of Easter   
Cycle C Readings:
1) Acts 14:21-27
Psalm 145:8-13 3
2) Revelation 21:1-5 
Gospel) John 13:31-35

A pastoral approach: Diocesan tribunal continues streamlining annulment proceedings

The 200 to 300 people who apply for a marriage annulment in the Diocese of Fort Worth each year often approach the process with two fears, said Sara Paglialunga, JCD.

The case for life - Part 3

Macaria carried a lot of guilt and suffering — an oppressive amount — until a fateful day when she took her then three-year-old son to Mass.

Local Knights of Columbus to help with slain Colorado teen 'hero' funeral

Kendrick Castillo and his father, John Castillo. Courtesy: Knights of Columbus #4844

WASHINGTON (CNS) — An 18-year-old Catholic credited with saving the lives of his schoolmates when he lunged at a shooter at Denver's STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado May 7 wanted to become part of the Knights of Columbus, and a local branch of the Catholic organization is said to be helping pay the costs of his funeral.

Let us Lectio: Hear and Rejoice!

Today we hear that in response to the Gospel the “Gentiles were delighted when they heard and glorified the word of the Lord.” This occurred while the Jews and others responded with persecution and even violence.

Women religious find a place of honor on Mother's Day

WASHINGTON (CNS) — When the elderly men and women at the Jeanne Jugan Residence for senior care pray the Rosary with Sister Constance Veit, they see her as more than one of the caregivers at the facility.

Pope Francis issues norms for reports of abuse of minors, seminarians, and religious

VATICAN CITY (CNA) - New Vatican norms for the Church’s handling of sex abuse, issued Thursday, place seminarians and religious coerced into sexual activity through the misuse of authority in the same criminal category as abuse of minors and vulnerable adults.

Officials call for necessary uncomfortable conversations about child sex trafficking

FORT WORTH — Fort Worth sits on America’s largest crime corridor courtesy of Interstate 35W, a major transportation route for drugs, human trafficking, and other crimes, Fort Worth Police Officer Wayne Menzies said.

Avoiding the pornography trap

The Safe Environment program of the Diocese of Fort Worth is, rightfully, focused on protecting children and the vulnerable from sexual abuse.

Pilot to protect poor from benefit cliff

“Sarah” wanted to work and to provide for her four children.

Understanding the Liturgy

At times one forgets that as children created in the image and likeness of God, our physical existence reflects the beauty of who God is and how we are called to worship Him.

Capitol Assets

Erin Vader and Tan Parker should have met in the halls of Nolan Catholic High School many years ago. After all, they graduated just a year apart. Instead, Vader introduced herself to Parker at his office in the state Capitol in Austin when she visited the state representative from Flower Mound on March 26 — Texas Catholic Faith in Action Advocacy Day.

One Bread, One Body, May 12

May 12,  Fourth Sunday of Easter    
Cycle C Readings:
1) Acts 13:14, 43-52 
Psalm 100:1-3, 5
2) Revelation 7:9, 14-17
Gospel) John 10:27-30

The real danger posed by the California confession bill

SB 360, a piece of proposed legislation currently making its way through the California state senate, should alarm not only every Catholic in the country, but indeed the adepts of any religion.

God's Gentle Grace

Friends, we did it! We survived Lent 2019! Woo! How do you feel? Like you ran a marathon? Like you barely limped through a marathon? Or like you felt you were about to start a marathon, got really scared at the prospect of it, and just decided to quit while you’re ahead? 

Perspective of Faith

Michelangelo’s Pietà is one of the most poignant images of our faith. The image of the Blessed Virgin Mary holding Jesus Christ after His crucifixion moves even the hardest heart. The Pietà is worthy of our contemplation, for it has a lot to say to those who are thinking about following Jesus Christ as a priest or religious sister.

Georgia governor signs heartbeat bill restricting state abortions

ATLANTA (CNS) — Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed legislation May 7 to ban abortions in the state once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is around six weeks.

Two hours of love: Connect Camp provides respite for dementia caregivers

WEATHERFORD — Two hours may not seem like a lot to the average person, but to those caring for people with dementia, 120 minutes of free time is a gift you can’t put a price tag on.

A Mercy-filled Sunday

WICHITA FALLS — Faithful Catholics filled St. Peter Church in Lindsay for a Divine Mercy Service April 28, even while one of the biggest parties in Texas, Muenster’s 44th annual Germanfest, was taking place only 11 minutes away.

The stone has already been rolled away

Mary and the other women bought their aromas and headed towards the tomb of Jesus. They had a mission, a purpose. But there was a lot of uncertainty. How were they going to roll away the stone? 

Your Creation Loves You

On Good Friday this year, the church was completely packed, and I somehow found myself sitting in the very front of the pews. I’m one of those Catholics that has “my row” that I tend to sit in every single week, so to change that up with a new perspective was a little different for me.