Live a fiercely faithful life and pray for our seminarians

Recently I offered a series of homilies about living fiercely faithful, and I have taken some time in this article to reflect about how vocations to the priesthood are fostered in environments where Catholics fiercely live the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  A fiercely faithful life is based on disciplined discipleship, humility, and simplicity of life.

An Encounter for Change at World Youth Day

I finally succumbed to the weather and dug the World Youth Day-issued poncho out of my backpack. I tend to never carry an umbrella and will just run through the rain from my car to the building. Getting a little wet never hurt anyone.  

Seminarian summer activities are a continued witness to Christ

The structure of priestly formation in the seminary is often governed by the academic coursework needed to be completed each semester. That said, the daily schedule is always configured based on the times of prayer, especially the Holy Mass. Once the spiritual schedule is determined, the other parts of the day — classes, ministry, exercise, homework, chores — are slotted into their appropriate times.