What do we leave behind? Advancement Foundation's 'Legacy' presentations can help answer that

FORT WORTH — A love of travel. A pie recipe. A favorite joke. The value of hard work. When we pass away, what do we leave for those we love? What do we treasure and want to give others?

Holy Redeemer Moms’ Club focuses on family, faith, and fun

ALEDO — On a recent playdate, 6-year-old Clare turned a plain piece of paper into a colorful Valentine’s card for her mother Stephanie Fernandez that read, “From Clare to momy (sic). I love momy. God loves you.”

Lenten Discernment Program assists those considering priesthood

FORT WORTH — Understanding and ultimately answering God’s call, especially a call to the priesthood, often raises questions. Time and deep discernment are required to ensure a proper decision is reached.